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A proper will gives you peace of mind and protects what you own and the ones you care about the most.

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Personalised and unique
Qualified will writing experts Our team has years of experience in writing and reviewing wills in the UK and Ireland
Legally valid and binding Every will is written in accordance with the law and is enforceable in court
Secure and confidential Your data is secured with TLS and military-grade AES-256 encryption

How to make a will?

Fill our online questionnaire Our online form guides you through the choices you can make in a will. We proactively ask you about the most important things you should include. Explanations come at every step.
Our legal experts write your will Your will is written based on your choices from the questionnaire. It is made to be 100% compliant with the Irish law and legally binding so you can be confident it will be executed as you wish. You can download it or have it printed and sent.
Print and sign The Irish law requires every will to be printed and signed with ink to be valid. It has to be signed by you and two witnesses. Once signed, your will is active and legally binding. Full signing instructions are sent with your will.
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What can you do with a will?

Decide how to share your estate and who gets what
Gift specific items, properties or sums of money to special people
Appoint people you trust to look after any minor children
Pursue your civil engagement by allocating a part of your estate to support a cause you care about
Decide what happens to your pets and who should take care of them
Provision assets to protect vulnerable friends or family
State your funeral wishes so your close ones don't have doubts
Decide what happens to your digital assets and social media
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