We're 100% carbon neutral

We're now even carbon negative by investing to restore tropical rainforests and remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Our approach

Now, not in 2050
No business would "pledge to fix by 2050" a broken heater in their office. They'd fix it today. We take the same approach with climate.
Climate positive
We go beyond carbon neutrality and invest in high quality projects removing additional carbon from the atmosphere.
Efficient by design
We design our services to have a minimal footprint and avoid most emissions in the first place.
Full picture
We consider our full impact and include supplier emissions in our footprint.
Clean energy
Most of the electricity we and our suppliers use is renewable.
Responsible suppliers
Our suppliers have sustainability policies, observe high standards and are certified by independent thrid parties.
Zero legacy emissions
We're carbon neutral from day one. ProperWill's lifetime net carbon footprint is zero - it's actually negative.
Science based
Science drives the way we measure our footprint and the actions we take.

Notes and methodology

We include all Scope 1, Scope 2 and Scope 3 emissions of the Greenhouse Gas Protocol in our footprint. It means we include the emissions associated with running our business as well as emissions from our suppliers and from the use of our service.

We believe carbon offsetting is a last resort option and most of our impact comes from avoiding emissions in the first place. We offset any remaining emissions with Verified Emission Reductions from high quality certified projects.